Don’t Buy Now Pay Later Until You See How to Pay Zilch

You have options when you want to buy now pay later. Unfortunately, most leave you with high fees and mounting debt.

Who doesn’t want to buy now pay later with none of the extra costs? Savvy consumers have discovered a new Tap to Pay option that doesn’t make you feel eaten alive by fees. Instead, think “frees”, as in no fees or interest. You pay Zilch.

How Is Paying Zilch Possible?

When you pay Zilch, you get to spread your payments out over 6 weeks. Since most people in the UK get a pay check every 1-2 weeks, that means you can pay for something over 2-3 paychecks.

No interest. No fees.

That’s how to beat rising prices in the UK!

Download the Zilch app and sign up to start using this feature.

ZIlch Partners Make It Possible

Zilch has partnered with thousands of top brands and retailers you already love. They want your business, so they pay Zilch a small fee to allow you to buy no pay later. That’s a win-win for you and your favourite brands. You can pay Zilch online and in-store at:

  • Groceries
  • Home goods
  • Electronics
  • Travel
  • Clothing
  • And More

Just make Zilch your preferred payment on Tap to Pay on your smartphone. It’s compatible with Samsung, Apple, and Google.

If you choose to pay Zilch with a non-partner, no worries. But since they haven’t agreed to pay the fee for you, you’ll pay a small fee up to £2.50.

Get Rewards for Things You Already Buy

To sweeten the deal, Zilch also gives you rewards. Earn a generous 100 Zilch rewards for every £1 you buy. These really add up, and you can spend them to buy more stuff from Zilch partners.

Plus, you can get 2% cashback if you pay Zilch and then pay off the balance in one payment, instead of buy now pay later. Normally, you’ll pay 25% when you buy, then pay the other 75% in 3 more payments over 6 weeks. But this payment is flexible, so you choose how you use it.

Less Waste

Zilch is technically a credit card. You already knew that. But you’ll never get a card sent in the post. That’s less plastic rubbish to shred and toss. You don’t have to worry about bending it or melting it in a dryer. You pay virtually whether you buy online or in the physical store.

It’s no wonder so many responsible consumers are switching over to this payment type. If you like to buy now and pay later, maybe you’d want to give Zilch a try.

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