Revealing the Advantages of Industrial Mezzanines for UK Businesses

Considering an expansion for your warehouse? You’re not alone. As demand for warehouse space continues to rise, mezzanines are fast becoming the go-to option for a simple yet effective expansion method. UK-based mezzanine experts, Doity Engineering, explore the benefits these modular structures provide, including the financial advantages and logistical conveniences for your business.

Maximizes Space

One of the prime benefits of a mezzanine floor is its ability to tap into unused vertical space. With warehouse and production space becoming increasingly precious in the UK, especially for growing markets like eCommerce businesses, expanding upward presents a pragmatic solution. A thoughtfully designed mezzanine can effectively double your floor space without the hassle of traditional expansion or relocation.


Mezzanine floors present a cost-effective alternative to traditional expansion methods such as erecting a second floor or seeking larger premises. Their affordability in materials and straightforward planning processes translate to significant savings in both capital and time. That doesn’t mean they’re a one-size-fits-all solution though, as we explain further down.

Streamlined Planning Permissions

Planning permission is rarely required for a mezzanine installation unless it permanently changes the structure of the building. That being said, all installations must adhere to local building regulations which can be a daunting prospect. Opting for a reputable company with expertise in compliance, such as the engineers at Doity, ensures a hassle-free process. We conduct thorough site surveys and guarantee full legal adherence when designing each bespoke installation.

Tailored to Your Business

The versatility of mezzanine designs, as you can see in the case studies of Doity’s previous projects, allows for tailored spaces adaptable to diverse functions. Whether you require additional office areas, break zones, packing stations or overflow storage, an industrial mezzanine can be customised to suit your space and business needs.

Portable and Reconfigurable

In the event of future relocations to larger premises, mezzanine floors can often be disassembled and relocated with ease. Doity’s proprietary modular system, Revlok, uses a keyhole locking system instead of nuts and bolts which cuts the installation and relocation time by up to half. So when your business eventually expands beyond your current site, your mezzanine can be reconfigured for your next site.

Rapid Installation

Compared to conventional construction methods, mezzanine installations offer a notably expedited process. From start to finish, a mezzanine can take weeks to plan, design and build. That allows you to act on the space and functional pressures you are facing now.

Alleviates Congestion

In bustling work environments, congestion can impede productivity and safety. By creating elevated spaces devoid of heavy machinery traffic, mezzanines provide respite, mitigating workplace hazards and enhancing overall efficiency. They also create a nicer working environment for your team by separating functions to give them dedicated space.

Seamless Machinery Integration

The flexible nature of mezzanine floors lends itself to seamless integration with essential machinery. At Doity, we adapt the materials we use to suit the end use. Whether that’s incorporating pallet gates or using reinforced steel flooring for heavy machinery, our designs ensure optimal workflow efficiency between levels.

Complimentary Site Surveys

As you focus on expanding your business, our dedicated team will carry out a free, comprehensive site survey to provide you with a design-tailored mezzanine solution. This complimentary service offers invaluable insights into unlocking untapped space for business expansion, supported by our expertise in surveying and installation services across the UK. Visit for more information and to get in touch with one of our experienced engineers.

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